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Actual professionnal situation :

since november 2000, employed with a young PhD statute in the Créteil IUFM (French Formation Institut of School Teachers) : working on the Teaching Information and Communication Technologies, i.e. IUFM webgate, IUFM Directors Conference website (CDIUFM) and some websites in the Créteil IUFM (research, mathematic, science and technology)

Last diploma (may 2000) :

PhD about time behaviour of the municipal solid waste incineration residues (bottom ashes and APC residues)

Part of my PhD works is presented below :
A poster text presented in 1998' Pollutec is available here.
The PhD abstract is available here.
The PhD bibliography is available by clicking here.

Curriculum Vitae
(condensed version) :

- 2003-2004 : french Bachelor of Internet Technologies (actually).

- 1997-2000 : PhD (ADEME financial support) about : " long term behaviour and speciation of some inorganic pollutants in municipal solid waste incineration residues (bottom ashe and APC)  " (talk on the 05/03/2000).

- november 1994 - january 1996 : National Service (conscription) during 15 months in Kerguelen archipelago (French Antarctic and Austral Territory), working on a biological oceanographic program (IFRTP financial support).

- 1994 : french Master of Environemental Geosciences (Université Aix-Marseille III).

- 1993 : french Bachelor and Master of Science in Environment (Université Paris VII).

- 1991 : technician diploma (equal to polytechnic in GB) in Marine Environment (INTECHMER, Cherbourg).

Some formation stages in french public or private structures : IFREMER, ECOSITA, INTECHMER... A lot of scientific missions on sea.

To read some scientific publication titles, click here.